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Co-Founders of Best Care Agency 


Zuzana and Paul Panek are the co-founders and owners of Best Care Agency. The couple began in 2004 as two young 20 year old business owners of a small company called The Best Care. Their ultimate goal at that time was to provide above and beyond care, and to become successful entrepreneurs while maintaining the vision of their agency becoming one of the most unique in the business. That vision that went far into the future. The business went from being a homecare agency that offered a senior services division of house cleaning services, and over the years it became a successful and fast-paced continuously growing healthcare agency, without ever losing the personal touch that so many of their clients have come to love and appreciate.

The original vision that the entrepreneurs had included running many divisions under one big umbrella. The founders had to make a decision about when and how they would allow their business to grow. Zuzana was slightly hesitant about expanding as she did not want the agency to lose its personal touch element, and she had a desire to continue to see the positive impact the agency's personal and exceptional care had on their clients. Paul, however, always dreamed of the company growing much bigger, and often encouraged that. Paul’s vision included the company servicing individual seniors and organizations in many parts of the world. With Paul's goals in mind, Zuzana began to envision the use of the Interactive Sensory Approach, which Zuzana developed on her own based on the experience she gained from the time she was a young child growing up in Europe, and named it Zuzana’s Sensory Interactive Approach. Despite their tremendous success, this lovely couple appear friendly and humbled when you meet them on the street and still have a fantastic European sense of humour.

This husband and wife business partner duo have built their company from the ground up. They have worked with individual clients and built business relationships with healthcare corporations. They have gone from working alone or with one employee to service a single client within one retirement home to spreading their business and servicing northern Ontario locations in Canada. The couple aspires to further expand their business into other provinces in Canada while constantly improving private healthcare services above government standard.

Zuzana & Paul want to see changes in the healthcare system. They want to make their mark and they want to be heard by their actions. For this young couple, it is not enough for them to be successful, and financial incentive is not what drives them, as many of their clients know. What they want is to make a difference and give young people an opportunity to make a difference by having them work under their supervision. Paul and Zuzana feel it is important for younger generations to understand that every person is unique and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and to teach them about patience and respect which they often learn from working with seniors who are lonely and look forward to seeing them every day. They also wish to inform and educate experienced healthcare professionals to become the best by learning their unique approach in caring, which is something that is not taught at school. Zuzana's belief is that teaching about this level of caring must come from the heart and should be coached by the person who developed this unique approach and the person who cares for complete strangers in a way that one would care for their own parents.

This is a quick introduction to the married couple, founders and co-owners of what is now known as Best Care Agency Ltd. both of whom found their passion of taking care of seniors by caring for their own grandparents in a country very far away. Their main focus remains what their 2004 vision was when they first started out - to provide above and beyond care by opening their hearts and offering a pair of helping hands

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