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Zuzana Panek

Zuzana Panek has been described as a Pink Angel, a woman of her word, a selfless heart, a passionate teacher, a team player, and an entrepreneur. 

Pink Angel — ​Known by her clients as “the pink angel,” Zuzana was a Psychiatric Nursein Slovakia (graduated in 1998) and moved to Canada to start a new life. A nurse who was very eager to make a difference and fulfill her dreams in a foreign country, then learned that she wouldn’t be able to practice her nursing profession unless she goes back to school and complete her nursing studies in Canada. She began her journey by working as a personal support worker in the long-term care setting. Upon noticing her dedication and compassion towards her work, Zuzana was encouraged by her colleagues and nurse managers to go back to be a nurse.


Zuzana is a person of high ambition yet a humble heart. She is incredibly determined to accomplish her goals especially what her heart desires to do: “to touch people’s lives and make a difference.” The above and beyond care has shown Canadians while buildingher and her husband Paul’s home care agency is a proof that Zuzana is a nurse who unstoppable, determined, service-oriented and she strives to show each and every individual what nursing is really all about.


This woman is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also anurse who is known for being “hands-on” with her patients in the community.A Woman of her Word​—When COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic, Zuzana did not just focus on managing Best Care Agency.


Despite the demands of her business, Zuzana was working tirelessly almost every night with a palliative client who was her client for four years. Zuzana promised this client that she will be with him until his last day here on earth and Zuzana made sure that she kept her word. She was with this client almost every night for at least one month to ensure that this client is comfortable and at peace.


A Selfless Heart​—Zuzana is very determined to make a difference in the community. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare system had shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). Zuzana tried her best to not just protect Best Care Agency employees but also the rest of the community. Zuzana received permission from her husband to launch a project which she called “Community Matters 2020.” A project who focused on educating the community about COVID-19 and advocating for the community’s safety needs.


She struggled to acquire PPEs for her employees since her company’s main supplier declined her orders to be completed. Due to this, Zuzana realized that there are also other parts of the community who are struggling with PPE. She and the Community Matters volunteers reached out to different sponsors who generously donated gifts, services, and PPEs which Zuzana and her team distributed to several front liners in Hamilton, Halton region, Mississauga, and Etobicoke.


Most of the recipients were Retirement and Long-term care facilities who were struggling with PPEs due to its high demand caused by the pandemic. Zuzana reached out to different volunteer sewers who were very accommodating in donating homemade face masks, medical hats, and scrub bags.


With her goal of having five appreciation events, Zuzana was able to complete ten appreciation events. She realized that teaching people how to do proper hand washing, proper donning and removing homemade face masks and many other educating flyers by emailing Best Care Made flyers will show how much BestCare Agency wants to help Long-term care and Retirement home facilities to fight Covid-19. And that we want to be part of the fight.


Many facilities recognized this gesture and includedBest Care Agency in this fight as long-term care frontline Covid-19 fighter and at the same time she is setting up her staff who are fighting Covid-19, and her coming in to help them whenever they need her.


She was working hard on her project Community Matters 2020. The project hasgiven hope and encouragement to healthcare workers and other front liners that everything will be okay soon but keep fighting and do not stop until we are safe. Through this project, Zuzana taught the community that “IN THIS FIGHT, THERE IS NO ME. WE WILL ONLY GET THROUGH THIS AS WE.” Community Matters 2020 has been an amazing project in giving us the hope.


This project who was launched by this amazing nurse has shown us what one nurse can do above & beyond any nursing expectations. Zuzana have followed all the COVID -19protocols in delivering donations and gifts even while sorting them once received from the Donors to make sure all items are is COVID-19 as they reach the recipients. Just like what she always says: “We don’t want to do harm; we want to give with love”A Passionate Teacher​—Zuzana made a lot of difference in my career as a nurse.When she hired me, she made sure that I was prepared and confident to perform any tasks.She was and still is very patient in teaching me on how to be best in everything I do.


She is always available to answer any questions I have and is very thorough with her explanations. Zuzana is very hands-on to her employees. She ensures that everyone’s work needs are met and that no one is left behind. She never judges as for a mistake that we did, instead she finds a way to turn a negative experience into a positive motivation. She keeps reminding us to“always remember, never give up on your client.” Zuzana has been and will always be a great

mentor for me.


She is a woman of inspiration and truly a dedicated nurse. She is unstoppable and a true fighter. She has shown what nursing is truly all about!--Sheila Albanese, RPNBest Care Agency Nurse ManagerA Team Player​—Zuzana believes that the key to a successful nursing care is working asa TEAM. Whenever she admits her clients or signs temporary staffing solution contracts, Zuzana makes sure that everyone involved in her clients’ care is informed with every change in her clients’ condition.

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