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Paul Panek

Paul Panek - President, Business Operations Manager. As co-owner and business operator of Best Care Agency, my business goal is to provide reliable and efficient services to our clients. 

"I Direct our company in keeping with vision outlined . I am always looking for unique individuals to join our health care team.

I have them work hard and I use a unique approach to test their patience and to see what kind of situations they can handle. Often times in the health care industry, we encounter people who are very set in their own way and who will test our employees in every way possible. This is why I make sure that they are prepared for all situations and this then helps them prove to me that they can be trusted and that they deserve my respect. When this happens, the respect is then mutual and I am very patient and understanding with our team members. I am straight to the point and I make sure they know that they can count on me to help in any way that I can. I work behind the scenes and closely with human resources regarding hiring practices, payroll as staying hands on is priority to me. I closely oversee quality control throughout the company to establish goals for each department in partnership with  division managers.

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